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London, Jan 1 (Big Wire) Resting quietly for ten-minute could help you remember some thing important that was told to you few minutes earlier,  suggests a study.

Michael Craig along with Michaela Dewar and their colleagues at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK examined the hypothesis that cognitive map formation- a mental picture or image of the layout of one’s physical environment- is supported by rest-related integration of new spatial memories.

Spatial memory is the ability of a person to remember the position or location of objects and places.girl-204326_1920

They asked forty young participants to learn a route through a virtual environment before either resting wakefully or engaging in an unrelated perceptual task for 10 min.

They found that participants in the wakeful rest condition performed more accurately in a delayed cognitive map test, requiring the pointing to landmarks from a range of locations.

The participants who rested after exploring a virtual-reality environment were 10 per cent more accurate at orientating themselves than others, they found. The study suggests that simply resting while we’re awake could help people some of the memory benefits.

The research could have bigger implications for people suffering from with amnesia-a form of memory loss.  The study is published in the monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal ‘Hippocampus’.

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