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What not to do in India’s beach town of Puri

A foreign tourist is unlikely to face any problem if he adheres to the above four points. All said and done, Puri is one of the most peaceful places in India.

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Thousands of foreign tourists flock to Puri in India’s eastern state of Odisha that has one of the finest beaches in the world apart from the temple of Lord Jagannath.

To make their stay enjoyable the tourists especially those who are of foreign origin should be careful about the followings:

  1. They should not enter the Jagannath Temple to avoid unnecessary hassles. Foreigners are not allowed into this temple . It has been clearly written on a signboard outside the temple.

    Pic: Odisha govt website

    Still, there are many instances of foreign tourists, mainly ISKCON devotees, trying to sneak in and facing unpleasant situations.

    Pic: Odisha gov website

    2. They should not take a bath in the beach alone because in the past many tourists have been suddenly drawn into deeper waters while taking a bath. It is best to take a bath under the surveillance of lifeguards who are always ready to help.

    3. They should not instantly check into a hotel to avoid coughing up more money than needed. It is better to book a room in advance.

    Most hotels in Puri book online and offer discounts.

    pic: Odisha govt website

    4. The tourists should not go far from crowded areas at the beach during evening hours. There have been instances of drug addicts and petty criminals roughing up and snatching money or gold chains from foreign tourists.

    5. A foreign tourist is unlikely to face any problem if he adheres to the above four points. All said and done, Puri is one of the most peaceful places in India.

    The weather is fine, people are cooperative and above all the police is always there to help the tourists.
    So enjoy your trip.

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