Five essentials to lead a happy life

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The year 2016 started with greetings “Happy New Year”. Happiness is what you attend to, so you must find new happiness. Here are five quick tips to do the same:family

1. Think happiness: List out what makes you happy and make plans to invest some more time to it – spending time with family, playing with kids, reading, etc.

2. Add purpose to your work: If any part of work you don’t like, try to find something better or try reframing it by adding element of purpose to it.

For instance, if the boss asked you to spend an hour more at work, either you can crib about an hour or think of learning something in that hour so that it will help you in future promotions that will benefit your family.

3. Be persuasive: We all are in business of persuading, influencing and convincing others about our ways and ideas.

Learning the tools to be persuasive will take you long and will give you satisfaction. For instance, when you pitch your ideas and ways to others pitch it to them as how it will benefit them and thus strengthen your relationship with them.

Telling someone to do as you say will not take you far.

4. Negotiate positively: At time things will go awry in life and situation will seem out of control. In those times, don’t give in.

Assess the situation and find what’s in YOUR control. Decide what do you want to change and why. If you want to say NO to something, resist saying it straightway.

Instead say something of an emphatic YES first, then say a matter-of-fact neutral NO and then give an exploratory YES to have a positive conversation.

5. Have an effective body language: We all speak one more language, ‘body language’ and you must get better at it.

We tend to have open body language when we are happy and the opposite when we are not in a good mood.

Researchers have found that our mood affects our thinking more strongly than what our thinking affects our mood.

So an open body language uplifts our mood and helps us be HAPPIER. So at most times we should have open body language.

Try to occupy as much space as possible with your body – open arms, open palms, no cross hands or legs.

(Shekhar Chandra is an IIT-Delhi alumnus who has over a decade of Entrepreneurial Experience and Leadership Excellence. Reach him at YouLEAD)

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