Apple to unveil new watch model, special generation phone!

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A smart watch. Pic: Pixabay

Tech lovers are waiting with bated breath for March when Apple is expected to surprise its customers with a new watch model and a special generation smartphone.Apple launched its watch collection last year which was a huge hit among the users. This time it is going to make upgrade the watch collection.

We may not get any software application changes or hardware improvement but it has promised to bring some more options into the wristbands of the watch.

Apple launched its first generation of smart watch with the Hermes which is a very famous fashion icon in the western market. There are speculations that the electro-magnetic wristbands can be the new publicity stunt for the big giant.

The Apple smart watch generation 1 priced around $448 in the market is very much popular among the audiences. But none knows if the price of the generation 2 gets upgraded with its new features and style.

The website 9to5Mac that covers Apple products says the new watch model might have new band colour options.

A source reported that this watch collection will be there in the market with the new 4-inch iPhone apple 5SE, considered to be a very special phone for the budget conscious people.

Apple 5SE is rumored to have the same external design like the 5s and the features will be 5 inches screen, 1GB ram with the highly strong 8 megapixel camera, A8 processor and NFC game, according to reports.

Though the phone rumored to be priced around $500, which is not very budget-friendly. But as we know well that Apple has ruled the world no matter how much price hike it has made.

The new Apple 5SE is likely to be available in the rose gold colour, silver and black. There will be a special event organized by the Apple in March.

Speculation is ripe that both the new smart watch model and the special edition iPhone will be released on that event.

With the new generation phone and the fashionable collection of the smart watch Apple is all set to rule again.

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