Why scientists see Terminator- type killer robots a threat

In a number of sci-fi Hollywood blockbusters we have seen the idea of rogue robots going berserk, but what would be the consequences if such machines with artificial intelligence get deployed in the battle fields to kill enemies in a real life?

This is a question many scientists have begun asking as the world celebrates the wonders of artificial intelligence at the ongoing World Economic Forum meeting in Switzerland’s Davos.

The Korean Institute for Science and Technology demonstrated a semi-autonomous humanoid robot, the DRC-Hubo, which has been programmed to move and interact with humans and the environment.

While scientists discussed about the future robots and the benefits  human can enjoy from them, some expressed their apprehension that use of robots in battlefields could be deadly as they cannot decide who should live or who should die.

Over a thousand science and technology chiefs in an open letter in July last year had called a ban on such offensive weapons saying that they are beyond meaningful human control. World leaders must come out with rules to prevent the development of such lethal weapons, they said.

Angela Kane, a former German UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs argued that the world had been slow to take pre-emptive measures to protect humanity from the lethal technology. “It may be too late,” she said while participating in a debate in Davos.

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