Too much social media use may disturb your sleep!

Too much use of social media may disturb your sleep, according to a new study that advises physicians dealing with sleep issues to consider asking young patients if they have such habits.

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine examined the social media use of 1,788 adults ages between 19 and 32 and found that  who spent a lot of time on social media suffered sleep disturbances more than those who used it less, reported science portal EurekAlert.

Previous studies have shown how use of tech gadgets such as smartphones and computers could disrupt sleep of children and adolescents.

The latest was the first piece of evidences that shows how social media use can impact  sleep, lead researcher Jessica C. Levenson has been stated as saying.

In the new study the researchers checked the use of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google Plus, Snapchat and Instagram by young people.

They found sleep disturbances in 30 per cent of the participants who used social media a total of 61 minutes per day on an average.

The study was published online and will appear in the April issue of the journal Preventive Medicine.

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