10 edibles that should never be microwaved!

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microwave-29109_1280Invented by radar technician Percy Spencer in the 1940s, microwave ovens have become “must-haves” these days. Be it heating up pre-cooked lunch/dinner or making a quick meal, microwave ovens have proven to be inseparable kitchen appliances suited for today’s busy lifestyle.

However, we must be aware that all edibles are not meant to be microwaved in any form to avoid possible health hazards.

Let us find out 10 things that we should never put in a microwave:


1. Breast milkmom

When we heat breast milk in a microwave oven, it loses the bacteria-fighting and nutritious materials that are found in it. The Journal of Pediatrics conducted some tests which showed harmful E-coli bacteria growth is greater in microwaved milk.

2. Broccoli

It has been found that broccoli, which is a very nutritious vegetable, loses 97 percent of its antioxidants when cooked in a microwave.broccoli

3. Meatdumplings

Do you know if you cook meat in a microwave for over six minutes, it loses 50 percent of its vitamin B-12 content? There’s more. In the case of defrosted meat, there are more chances of under-cooking leaving the bacteria content in it intact.

4. Frozen fruitsfrozen-food

If you try to defrost frozen fruit in a microwave, you are simply helping in converting their glucoside and galactoside content to carcinogenic substances.

5. Eggsegg

It is definitely a bad idea to try to boil eggs in a microwave. Reason being, the steam generated in the process is likely to explode them.

6. Chillichili

The chillies will catch fire and when you open the microwave door, the strong chemicals thus produced will burn your eyes and throat.

7. Grapesgrape

The grape produces plasma when microwaved. So, it’s better to keep them out of the oven.

8. RaisinsRaisin

Raisins will smoke and catch fire when put in a microwave oven.

9. Mushroomsmushroom (1)

When reheated, proteins deteriorate in mushrooms making it unhealthy for your body.

10. PotatoesPatato

Potatoes also have a tendency to explode in a microwave oven. However, some chefs suggest poking a few holes in the potatoes to avoid the accident.

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