Gyandev’s ‘condom’ comment triggers twitter humour

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Gyandev Ahuja, a BJP MLA from Rajasthan, on Tuesday, stoked a fire in the raging controversy over Jawaharlal Nehru University by displaying his immense ‘gyan’ (wisdom) in data crunching to prove that the students in JNU are more prone to seduction than sedition.

Ahuja alleged that more than 3000 used condoms, 2000 liquor bottles, 500 contraceptive injections, 10,000 cigarette butts and 50,000 bones are found every day in JNU campus.

What’s more, the students dance naked after sundown, he alleged.

Ahuja’s comments may enthrall or outrage someone depending on the side of “national” and “anti-national” debate he is.

But the Twitterati have responded with some creative and humourous tweets at hashtag Also, another hashtag sex and drugs at JNU has also gone viral with counter twits.

Here are some of the funny tweets:

and Congress do Condom Scam.

somebody please recommend his name for Padma award. ..he broke records by counting used condoms and empty bottles

Last year Modi Govt reduced the Budget for AIDS Control ( NACO) by 50%. It is all about mindset..!


To counter Videshi we have made Swadeshi ” Kandama ” Pure veg, 100% wood. Buy and Try

JNU students drink and use condoms: BJP’s Gyan Dev Ahuja. ROFL! Looks like “anti-nationals” have all the fun!

BJP MP is the only one who took Swachh Bharat abhiyan too seriously. Started counting condoms outside JNU dustbins.


BJP MLA grossly underestimated our daily beer consumption in JNU. We do better than 2000.

BJP MLA took Skill India seriously and specialised in Condom Counting from dustbins outside JNU.

BJP MLA reveals the bedroom stories of JNU students. 3000 Condoms found!  

because Modi forced us to pay a “swach Bharat” cess!

Hey Control Rooms! is trending.,You guys sleeping or what? Expected better from you!

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