10 exercises that you do unknowingly!

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Well, do you belong to the clan who wants that Deepika Padukone figure but regrets her busy lifestyle for not being able to hit the gym or find workouts too monotonous? Then, check out these 10 exercises that you do every day even without realizing it:

1. While laughing: Are you someone who always have a tickle bone in action? If yes, then your laugh is burning off as much as 40 calories in just a few minutes’ time.

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2. While dancing: Dance is the best physical therapy you can ever enjoy. Even Bollywood’s original Dreamgirl Hema Malini can’t do without it.

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“The best part about dance is that it helps you as a yoga exercise. It calms your nerves and improves your blood circulation,” the 67-year-old actress said in an interview.

3. While having sex: Having sex for 25 minutes can burn off 100 calories in men and 69 calories in women, according to an article in Men’s Health magazine.

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4. While brushing your teeth: During your two-minute teeth brushing session, as you raise your arm against gravity, your body gets some exercising of balance, flexibility and strength.

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5. While chewing gums: If you have a habit of chewing gums before or after meals, then you are actually burning off 5% extra calories.

In fact, a Mayo Clinic report says, by chewing gums one can exhaust approximately 11 calories every hour.

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6. While cleaning the house: Give your maid a break and do all the cleaning, grooming and mopping yourself. Studies claim, thus, you will shed off at least 153 calories in an hour’s mopping session.

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7. While playing with kids: While you may feel tired of running after or playing with your children, you actually are getting your daily dose of gyming.

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8. While climbing stairs: Do you know you burn off more calories by climbing stairs than jogging? Well, now you have a good reason to avoid the lift and take the stairs.

9. While you enjoy your green thumb: Gardening not only helps you relieve stress but it also burns as much as 200-400 calories per hour.

10. While you cycle: According to Wisconsin Department of Health, “moderate” cycling burns off 36-53 calories per mile.

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And the best part is, by cycling your way to your destination, you are contributing towards the government’s pollution control drive as well.


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