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If you are looking for a smart device to help you stay up-to-date on the news, here is a good information for you.

Mobile phone manufacturing company Sony Mobile Communications is going to roll out its next generation ear-bud ‘Xperia Ear’ this summer which will provide a user with much useful information including weather and latest news on-the-go.

It will also remind you of your schedule if a company blog post has any indication.


Pic: Sony Mobile blogs

The new Xperia products of Sony Mobile are intelligent devices and they are capable of adopting your situation and environment whether you are at home or outside or travelling.

The Xperia wireless earpiece powers Sony’s voice technology and responds to your verbal command. It connects to your Android smartphone via NFC or Bluetooth®.

You can perform several tasks without touching your smartphone.

The device will help you make a call, perform an internet search and navigate location with a simple verbal command.

You have also the freedom of customising the setting as per your need.

The soft silicone lightweight earbud is waterproof and offers all-day battery life and can be used for continuous wear.

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