Women's Day

10 interesting facts about women!

womanWell, as we are done with texting greetings and sharing photos and videos, specially-clicked/photoshopped on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter on International Women’s Day, we hardly are aware that the man-woman ratio across the world is 106 for 100.

Want more? Check out these 10 facts on women that you hardly knew:

1. Women live longer than men. And hence, the gender ratio changes with age. By the time both sexes reach 65, the ratio changes to 79 males per 100 females.

2. In Qatar, there are 2.87 males per female, the highest male ratio among all countries.

3. However, in the Northern Mariana Islands, there are only 0.77 men per woman, the highest female ration in the world.

4. As per research studies, men have an average life expectancy of 68.5 years compared to 73.5 years for women. This is a worldwide data.

5. Every 90 seconds, a woman, at some part of the world, dies during pregnancy or childbirth.

6. In UK, the average adult woman has 19 pairs of shoes in her shoe rack.

7. Did you know that it was women who invented car heaters (Margaret Wilcox in 1893), fire escapes (Anna Connelly in 1887), dishwashers (Josephine Cochrane in 1887), circular saws (Tabitha Babbitt, around end of 18th century), chocolate chip cookies (Ruth Graves Wakefield in 1930) and wireless transmissions technology (Hedy Lamarr during World War II)

8. So far, we have only 48 female Nobel Prize awardees, compared to 822 male winners.

9. According to The Globalist, 66 percent of the world’s work is performed by women. Besides, they produce 50% of the total food of the world. Despite that, women earn only 10 percent of total global incomes and own a mere 1% of the properties.

10. Of the 197 countries, there are only 22 female heads of state.

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