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Want a good night’s sleep? Put your tablet away

The blue light rays emitted from tablet screens cause various electrical activities in the brain while you are asleep.

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Are you a fan of e-Books and can’t hit the bed without browsing your tablet? Well, then this might be the reason why you are not having a peaceful night’s sleep.

A recent study published in journal Sleep Medicine has found that reading stuff from the iPad 30 minutes before going to sleep makes one feel less sleepy.

This is because the blue light rays emitted from tablet screens cause various electrical activities in the brain while you are asleep, thereby affecting sleep quality in a big way.

A group of 16 students were asked to read from an iPad and a book, separately, before bedtime and sleep diaries were maintained.

Researchers led by Janne Gronli and others at the Bergen University in Norway found that when one reads a story on a tablet for 30 minutes before bedtime, it delays “EEG (electroencephalogram) dynamics of slow-wave activity”.

It was also found that even if the illumination level is kept as low as 58 lux, the blue light from a tablet screen will affect the quality of sleep.

However, no such effects were found while reading from a physical book in ordinary room light, unlike its virtual counterpart, though in both conditions, the time taken to fall asleep is the same.

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