10 basic rights every Indian must know


Did you know you are entitled to get Rs 40 lakh compensation if your kitchen cylinder blasts? Or, the fact that a woman cannot be arrested after sunset and before sunrise(6 pm-6 am)? If no, then, here’s another law of the land which says, “ignorance is not a defence, but an excuse to break it”.

Here are 10 lesser-known yet important rights that every Indian must know:

1. The 24-hour frame

Once arrested, an individual should be produced in court within 24 hours. Else he has to be set free as per the law of the land.

2. Jail for not recording statement

There’s a jail term of six months to two years waiting for any cop who refuses or fails to record your initial complaint.

3. Traffic penalties are not for non-motorised vehicles

Non-motorised vehicles like cycles and rickshaws, cannot be fined as they do not fall under the Motor Vehicles Act.

4. Women can lodge virtual complaints

As per Delhi Police guidelines, women can file complaints via emails in case they fail to go to the police station.

5. The cop in uniform

Police officials must be wearing their uniform with their identification tag while arresting or interrogating any person. They must register their names with designations before entering the interrogation room.

6. Reason for arrest

Before their arrest or detention for questioning, every individual has the right to know the reason behind.

7. Once fined, cannot be repeated

If you are fined for riding a motorcycle without a helmet, you cannot be fined a second time for the same offence the same day till midnight. However, this should not be seen as an encouragement for risking road safety.

8. You can pay less than the MRP

A customer can bargain for a lesser price than what is printed as Maximum Retail Price (MRP) on a particular item. But, sellers can not quote a price beyond the MRP.

9. No sex life? You may go for a divorce

If everything is “happy” about your marriage, except the sex part, you can file for a divorce. Yes, however, strange it may sound!

10. No room for two sons/daughters

You cannot adopt a son/daughter if you already have a biological son/daughter, as per the Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956.

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