10 tips that may help you conserve smartphone battery!

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batteryAre you worried that the battery of your smartphone gets drained very fast and you find it difficult to address the problem?

The answer should be in the affirmative because most smartphone users usually replace old sets with new ones.

The smartphones which have more than 3000 mAh( Milliamp Hours) capacity are OnePlus 2, Motorola’s Moto X Play, Moto X Style, LG G4, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and many more.  But that makes a big dent in one’s pocket.

The best way is to learn methods of reducing the battery consumption. Battery drain is a common issue that can be fixed to a large extent by taking some simple steps.

Here are few tricks that might help you enhance your android battery life:

1. Knowing is Important: Move into your settings and spot which application is consuming most of the battery. Uninstall the redundant apps. Keep the screen timeout short.

2. Do not stop using Facebook or Twitter. Make sure you reduce a bit on posting or polling frequency. This consumes a maximum of your battery life.

3. Your phone has it all: Do you need to turn on all features that are in your phone like Near Field Communication (NFC), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, LTE, and so on? When you don’t need, turn them off and save your battery from draining.

4. Play the right card: You can just turn on the extra power saving mode if you feel that today is the day “I will not be with my charger”. This will limit you to phone calls, messages, and of course, Facebook.

5. Ideal apps do consume power: Simply dump the unnecessary home screen widgets or live wallpapers which you feel are unnecessary.

6. How bright is your phone? Turn off the automatic brightness settings. You will be surprised to know this saves a bulk lot of your battery life.

7. I am always on the net: Everyone loves surfing net on phone. But again, it drains your battery at a very higher speed.

The best way to save your draining battery is by checking out your signal strength. If the signal is poor, don’t struggle to connect just switch off your net.

Bad signals won’t give you calls or messages… Simply opt to the airplane mode.

8. Peep into the settings: Shorter screen timeout and turning off vibration settings would also help the purpose. Do you have “do not disturb setting”?

Do log in to the DND settings while you are working. You can set your device not to vibrate, ring or connect.

9. Update applications manually: Don’t fall into the auto-synchronous trap system.

10. The best thing you can do: Before buying go through the reviews of the phone. Just don’t go by the branding.

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