Want to manage time? Focus on  your energy

goalIf you are struggling to manage your time, focus on your energy. Time is finite but energy is replenish-able.

After a long exhausted time, when we reflect on our lives: it seems moments, days, weeks, months, and years have just passed by and we feel like… A Paradise Lost.

We need to slow down to start over. Any reaction to a situation should be based on the outcome, not the event.

In order to accomplish more, reframe your situation and try to diversify yourself e.g. you are not just defined by an IBM employee but also as a Java guru, a great father, music lover.

In your job, try to see the big picture as how do you make meaning:

Enhance Quality of Life

Right a wrong

Stop the end of something good.

Leverage Strength:  Build on the Competence and play the game you can win to gain confidence.

Embrace Weakness:  Seamlessly integrate your weakness to make an impact. Many successful people have their own quirks. They are what they are not despite their quirks but because of it.

Assert your differences: to highlight your salience and meaningfulness.

Pursue your passion: finding what you want, that you’ll persist and feel at ease with it defines your passion and it’ll pay up a lot to follow you passion.

Try to set a top five yearly goals that you wish to achieve, let say three  artwork related and two are life-related.

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Now use these as a compass to align your work so as 95 percent of the tasks are aligned to your big goals. Other tasks should take up say 5 percent time. Also, prepare an ignore list that you’ll avoid or act as per need for the ignore-list tasks.

Get into the mode of true action and true reflection:

Every day invest first 5 min in stock taking about what needs to be done today! Every our take a min break to meditate and check whether the last hour was productive?

5 min for an end-of-day question: 1. What did I learn about myself? 2. What I plan to do same or different tomorrow? 3. Do I need to interact with someone to thank, Ask or share something?

Leave the office on a high note that’s: productive, successful and happy 🙂

Do mental accounting by Time boxing your time taken for the tasks to get:

Better @ work ( now)
Better @ work ( future)
Better @ family-life
Better @ personal-life
Better @ work-life passion

The other five percent

Things to Ignore

Overcome procrastination: First get to the why!

Why are you not interested. Of is it too daunting? Try to make it a game of sorts, if too daunting ask for help.Set deadlines.

Get Going: Start small and focus on small progress.

Get better: Ask for help if any part seems tough.

Avoid interruptions:

If urgent just take care of it.

If non-urgent, time-box it.
If none, delegate it.

Set time-box to check email and respond to important emails only.

Meetings: Set a 19 min or 49 min meetings. Do meetings for the direct response from the team.

Be selective to accept invites for the meetings.

Share background/agenda for the meetings to be productive.

Check Back: You may be on-track or off-track but the important thing is to keep learning. So make some changes and strive for better.


(Shekhar Chandra is an IIT-Delhi alumnus.He has over a decade of entrepreneurial experience and leadership excellence. He is also a member of Big Wire editorial team. Reach him at YouLEAD)


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