10 fun and interesting info on Easter

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easterEaster is probably the one annual celebration which brings Jesus Christ and chocolate eggs together.

The festival that celebrates the resurrection of Christ is no longer limited to the Christian community but has become a part of India’s vast and varied religious and cultural society.

As you get ready for the Grand Feast this Sunday (March 27) and before that, the “Holy Saturday” (March 26, marking the day Christ was laid in his tomb), here are 10 fun and interesting info on Easter:

1. Ever wondered why eggs are presented on Easter? Because it stands for “new life”. For Christians, the cracked egg signifies the empty tomb of Christ signifying his resurrection.

2. It was Italy in April 16, 2011, that made the tallest Easter egg standing at a height of 10.39 meters and weighing 7,200 kg.

3. We all paint Easter eggs. Do you know what the art is called? – it’s known as pysanka. The art form using wax and dyes has its origin in Ukraine.

4. The Easter celebrations are also known as “moveable feasts” as the dates keep changing every year as they are determined by the lunar calendar.

5. The first Easter eggs ever circulated among the Christian community were painted red to signify Christ’s blood that oozed out of his body during his crucifixion. With changing times, different designs and colours started adorning the eggs.

6. Originally chicken eggs were gifted instead of chocolate ones on Easter.

7. After Halloween, Easter is the biggest festival where the largest number of candies and chocolates are consumed. The US reportedly spends $1.9 billion on Easter candies every year, of which 70 percent are chocolates.

8. It was during the middle ages that Easter Bunny made its first appearance in Germany and started distributing candies and eggs, especially to children.

9. However weird it may read, but surveys have found that of the total Easter Bunny eaters, 76 percent bite off its ears first; 5 percent start off with its feet and 4 percent starts gorging it from its tail.

10. In 2007, the Rothschild Faberge Egg, a gold-and-pink enamel Easter egg studded with diamonds made by the Russian royal family in 1902, was auctioned at an auction house in London for almost £9 million.

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