​Eight​ body language tips for effective communication

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Performance-Rocket 2Our performance is a direct derivative of our behaviour and scientists have figured out that your behaviour depends on ‘How do you think’.

The rabbit holes go deeper inside, ‘How you think’ affects ‘How you feel’, but ‘How you feel’ affects much deeply ‘How you Think’.

Our feelings are in turn dependent on our physiology and body postures play a significant role in our physiology.

As they say, body language is the second language that we all speak and we must be good at it to harness the mind-body connection effectively for success and happiness in our lives.

Here are eight empowering body language tips for effective communication

1. Open arms, open palms: Just be expansive in your pose…uncross yourself for the power pose

2. Smiley eyes mesmerize ♥:  Smile with your eye muscles, not just your jaw muscle. Smiling with your eyes infers a sincere smile and other feel good with a sincere smile, a fake smile irks others and that in turn irks us.

3. In a group when you have to brainstorm for idea generation, opt for round-table sittings.

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4. Where are when there needs to be a team meeting for execution of a plan, go for rectangular sitting.

5. Use a ‘Steeple’ for a confident managerial pose. Women need to be direct with men in business and give them one thing at a time.

6. When sitting on a sofa, don’t sink in, sit on the verge at a 45-degree angle with your peers, in an open expansive position.

7. Don’t give  no impression with your arm-barrier pose. Give attention to the legs of people, crossed or not. Where are they pointing? If at the door, the person wants to exit soon.

8. When people seem to be in the on-the-mark-get-set-go position it’s time to end the meeting. Learn when and how others body language is dominating or threatening and mind yours so that you are not taken as ineffectual.


(Shekhar Chandra is an IIT-Delhi alumnus.He has over a decade of entrepreneurial experience and leadership excellence. He is also a member of Big Wire team. Reach him at YouLEAD)

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