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There is nothing more embarrassing than dozing off in the middle of a presentation in a boardroom. Or, yawning constantly while your boss is discussing a latest project with you.

If you are one of those who feel sleepy and tired all the time, then these tips might just work for you. Read on:

1. Exercise

It has been proven that exercising early in the morning reduces daytime fatigue unlike the myth that it drains you out off all your energy.

2. Get fresh air as much as possible

More you inhale fresh air, more energized you will feel. Instead of spending all those office hours at your assigned desk, take short breaks, go out and breathe some fresh air. You may have your lunch at your office balcony instead of at worktable to begin with.

3. Nothing beats power naps

They might last for a mere 5-10 minutes, but there are no substitutes of power naps. Before an important meeting or presentation, push aside the files, set an alarm on the cellphone, put your head down and take a power nap … Voila, the trick is done!

4. Tease your taste buds

Make some home-made energy bars and dig in in-between work. It works … really!

5. Meditate

Meditation does not require those perfect mats or any particular music or a specific environment. It needs your will and dedication to give those 20 minutes. The endorphins that will start flowing will beat any caffeine intake.

6. Drink some water

Whenever you feel sleepy, drink some water. This will rejuvenate your blood circulation and instantly “relieve” you from sleepiness.

7. Take deep breaths

This is a simple technique that can be done even during lunch break or whenever you feel sleepy. Take deep breaths (in and out) and pull your abdomen toward your diaphragm. Gradually increase the rate of breathing.

8. Time for some peppy numbers

Put on the headphone, start tapping your feet to all the dance numbers you have been storing on your phone.

9. Stroll around

This is an old and tested way. Feeling sleepy? Go for a short walk and come back refreshed.

10. The water booster

If you work from home, then take a shower. If at office, splash some cold water on your face and neck. And you are back to your alert self.

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