Death of spouse weakens partner’s heart!

partnerIf you are below 60 and lose your spouse you are more likely to have an irregular heartbeat, a condition that may affect your heart, according to a new study.

People face a greater risk of developing the abnormal heart rhythm eight to ten days following the death of their partner, shows the study appeared in the online journal Open Heart.

The condition otherwise known as atrial fibrillation is the most common forms of abnormal heart rhythm. Although it is not life-threatening if left untreated its side effect could lead to stroke and heart failure.

The study analyzed 88,612 people who were newly diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and 886,120 healthy people between 1995 and 2014 and examined the factors such as time since the bereavement; age and sex; underlying conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes etc.

They also checked the detail of the health of the partner a month before death; and whether they were single. The researchers found those having atrial fibrillation mostly had cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and had undergone treatment for such disorder.

For the first time, they found that irregular heartbeat was higher among those who had been bereaved than those who were  not.

The risk was higher 8 to 14 days following a death although they marked it gradually subsided until after a year. The highest risk was observed among people under the age of 60, reported science portal EurekAlert.

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