Why sweating is good for you!

sweatingIt’s just the beginning of the summer and yet the Mercury is already soaring high in almost all cities of India. And sweating is that unwelcome phenomenon which we can neither avoid nor suppress.

While you stock up your favourite brand of deo or antiperspirant for the summer around, let us tell you the 7 benefits of sweating:

1. Helps to heal wounds

Research has found that eccrine sweat glands contain adult stem cells that help to cure a wound. According to University of Michigan researcher Laure Rittie sweat glands are key contributors to “wound closures”.

2. Releases toxins

Our body releases all its toxins in form of sweat. In an article, said excess salt, cholesterol and alcohol are excreted when we sweat, thus helping us de-bloat, clean clogging of arteries and get over a hang-over.

3. Sweat is a natural antibiotic

Sweat glands produce a natural antibiotic called dermcidin that heals small cuts, scratches, mosquito stings and many other skin infections. According to Science Daily, the antibiotic produced by our skin is capable of fighting even the germs of tuberculosis, apart from other dangerous bugs.

4. Prevents kidney stones

When you sweat, excess fat and salt are removed from your body and you feel the urge to drink more water. This in turn, keeps your kidneys healthy due to regular flushing, thus reducing chances of kidney stones.

According to a University of Washington research, when you sweat it out, salt is excreted and the calcium gets absorbed in the bones instead settling in the kidneys and forming stones.

5. Keeps skin glowing

As sweat detoxifies and cleanses your face, the skin pores are opened and the face looks younger and smoother.

6. Cools you down

Unlike what you think, sweating is an in-built technology of your body for cooling your (read, body temperature) down. Perspiration actually helps you beat the heat and maintain a balance in body temperature.

7. Makes you stronger

Experts say an active person excretes over one litre sweat every day. According to a TOI report, this sweating actually makes immune system stronger, increases blood circulation and reduces blood pressure.

But if you sweat more than usual you must seek immediate medical attention.

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