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Gone are the days when experts or individuals talked to you and solved your doubts.

Now the Chatbots, the computer robots that everyone is talking about will be seen conversing with you like humans and answer questions.

All the big tech giants are putting their hats into these chatting rings with an assumption that they will be next big things in communication and can be used in wider range of works, especially in business.

Chatbots interact with the human via auditory or the textual method using artificial intelligence on the basis of the creator’s algorithmic aptitude.

Recently, Microsoft launched ‘Tay’, a Twitter Chatbot, but it ended in disappointment when internet trolls manipulated it to spew racist comments to some users.

The social media giant Facebook, earlier this week, announced the launch of a new bot platform for Facebook Messenger.

Developers will be able to build new Chatbots to work with Messenger. Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated Facebook’s first bots including CNN at the F8 conference on April 12 in San Francisco.

The CNN bot will send articles to users with conversational teasers, and the bot 1-800-Flowers can order flower deliveries with personalised messages. Other bots will deliver weather and news updates, receipts and shipping notification.

You may find more than 40 Chatbots by doing a search on Facebook Messenger and can see how it works.

For example, if you are interacting with any of the users like Uber, Sure, Wall Street Journal, Assist, Hi Poncho and Operator on messenger you should be sure that you are chatting with a bot, not a human.

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