10 office etiquette every new professional must know

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executiveToday’s generation is a way smarter and care-free to depend on their parents for money.

But to climb up one’s career ladder education, intelligence and experience are not enough. You need to groom yourself to be able to fit in the corporate world.

Here are 10 etiquette for corporate beginners

1. Always say your full name while introducing yourself so that the person(s) concerned can remember it. This will help you follow up with him next time you call or visit him.

2. Stand up and give a firm handshake when you are being introduced to someone. This symbolizes your strong presence.

3. Keep a signature block with details about your designation and official contacts in your email. This will increase your official networking as well.

4. Use words like ‘My apologies’ or ‘I apologize’ instead of ‘I am sorry’ both in speaking and writing. ‘Sorry’ has a casual approach which should be avoided in a corporate setup.

5. Don’t run fingers through your hair (for both men and women) during a presentation or a meeting. This not only interrupts others’ attention but also shows you are disinterested in what is going on in the boardroom.

6. Mind your language and no matter what, profane from using swear words during office conversations. It is absolutely unprofessional.

7. Look what you wear. College days are over and in the office you have to maintain a look that will compliment the professional in you.

Keep those fluorescent T-shirts, funk wear and loud make-up for buddy parties and go for formals. Remember, impression is very important in the corporate world and how smartly and elegantly you dress speak a lot about you.

8. Interrupt less and listen more. Your office is not similar to your college canteen where interrupting friends were not a big deal. When in office, you have to listen more and voice your opinion only after someone finishes making a point.

9. Revise your work before sending to senior(s). Before you send a presentation or project report to a senior, make sure to revise it again and again to keep errors to a minimum.

Obviously, you will not like to have all eyes on your mistakes rather than your efforts.

10. Keep personal and professional relations separate. Be friendly to all your co-workers. But don’t get too personal with them. One, it is not good manners; two, thus you will be saved from being a part of a gossip or office politics.

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