5 ways to avoid a sunstroke

thirstyWith summer getting hotter every day in parts of India, chances of getting a sunstroke or a heat stroke are also increasing.

For beginners, a heat stroke is a severe heat-induced illness where the body’s temperature control system fails. Heat stroke could lead to heart attack and if left untreated it could lead to death.

Heat stroke, also known as sun stroke, is a severe illness, due to overexposure to the sun. In this condition, the body temperature crosses 105 °F. Fainting is considered to be the first sign.

Other signs include dizziness, headache, rapid or weak heartbeat and breathing.

According to popular health portal WebMD, heat stroke can strike even one does not have a previous sign of heat injury.

Here are 5 ways health experts suggest to avoid suffering a heat stroke.

1. Avoid places with high temperatures

Check the weather forecast on newspaper, television or radio every morning and plan your outdoor activities accordingly.

Avoid places with extra high temperatures and always wear a cap or use an umbrella while stepping out of the house.

2. Prepare yourself to face the heat

Long-sleeved cotton shirts/dresses, sunglasses, a bottle of water, sunscreen, and a pocket fan/hand fan … and you are ready to face the big, “hot” world.

You can carry a sprayer and spray water on your face every now and then.

Also, reduce protein and carb intake in summers and supplement your diet with more fruits and vegetables to keep cool from inside. Drink plenty of water and similar fluids.

3. Rest your body

In summer, the body tends to get fatigued easily. You can’t help limited, yet regular exposure to the sunlight.

But you have to say ‘no’ to frequent meeting with the UV rays-loaded sun. Take small breaks every 30 minutes and move to a shady place where you can rest your body a bit.

4. Know the symptoms

Initial symptoms are dizziness, psychological disorientation, headaches, weakness, no or excessive sweating and/or seizures, especially in children. ‘

5. What’s next

If you find having any of the above symptoms, immediately move away from the sun, get indoors, turn on the fan or the air-conditioner, splash some water on your face and head, and drink some water.

If you can’t afford to leave work and rush indoors, at least move to a shady place like under a tree or a nearby building.

Sit, try to relax and watch out your breathe. Hopefully, you will regain your strength slowly. If not, call a doctor without any delay.

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