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Makeup tips every working woman should know

In the appearance-driven world, you can't ignore your face that easily. For that, you have to look fresh every time…

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Climbing up the corporate ladder is not easy at all, especially for the women.

A working woman is a mother, a daughter or a wife who takes care of her own family. She has many roles to play in her personal life while managing her official responsibilities too.

Juggling between tasks, she hardly gets the time to take care of her beauty on a daily basis. Keeping in mind the responsibilities and shortage of time a professional woman has, here are five quick makeup tips that may help you.

1) Fresh face:

We know very well about your daily routine, you don’t have much time to take care of your skin. But in the appearance-driven world, you can’t ignore your face that easily.

For that, you have to look fresh every time you go for a presentation, or you enter a conference hall or your boss’s room.

For a fresh face, you may follow a three-step mantra: cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. We know that you don’t have that much time.

You can do the cleansing part later in the night when you are all done from your day and all ready to go to sleep. Cleansing works as wonder.

In the morning, you can apply some good quality toner and before leaving for office, apply your moisturizer.

If you really want to look presentable, then I advise you to put a little foundation in your moisturizer according to skin colour and blend it well on your face.

Dab a puff of loose face powder and lady you are done with your face.

On a weekly basis, you can try exfoliating which is really good for the skin as it helps in blood circulation.

2) The power of lipstick:

A well-applied lipstick can change the entire look. A light touch of your favorite lip shade adds glamour to your professional self.

It matters though what exactly you’re applying with that light touch.

The more professional look is a neutral, natural one, using shades of brown, taupe, nude, light pinks and soft peaches on the cheeks, lips.

Other colors can work, too, as long as the shades are light and complementary. Contrast should be low so that the entire face appears well-blended and balanced.

And since you probably work for more than six hours a day, you also want that blended, balanced face to have some staying power. Put on the lipstick according to your skin tone and let it be light.

3) Brighten your eyes:

Eyes play an important role in your appearance and believe me, the most important I guess. For professional look brighten your eyes with mascara and eyeliner.

Don’t need to put eye shadow and other highlighting stuff.  If you want to put the eye shadow, make sure you opt for the natural and nude shades that go well with your skin.

Line your eyelids with brown or gray eyeshadow for a softer effect, blend it perfectly. Don’t apply the eyeliner on your waterline, use it little outer side, it will give your eyes a wider look.

It should highlight the eyes perfectly. Mascara can work as a life saver and gives an exact diva look and makes your eyes beautiful. Put it well ladies, you are all set.

4) Make it last:

This is very important. Whatever you apply, make sure it lasts long. When in the middle of the day you realize that the makeup you had put on is gone, it is the worst thing that could happen. Whatever product you apply, it should be from a good brand.

5) Turn the day into a beautiful night:

It’s easy to go from the office straight to a cocktail affair with makeup. All you have to do is “Add a gorgeous red lip.

Try a wine-red or an orange-red shade that best compliments your skin and outfit.” Touch up your makeup and you are good to go.

Keep rocking!!

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