Cool Android tips you may want to know

android phoneGoogle’s Android has emerged as the most popular operating system with almost 300 million smartphones running it.

If you possess a smartphone having Android, you might not have explored all the cool features it offers.

Here are some interesting tips that might help you to get the most of out of your Android device.

Every mobile phone has a unique 15 digit identification number known as IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).

You should always note down this number because it may help you in case you lose your phone for any reason or in an emergency situation.

The concerned operator can block a mobile from accessing network by blacklisting this IMEI.

Since IMEI number is assigned to sim slot, a phone with dual sims has two IMEI numbers.

The main number is also printed at the battery compartment just below the battery.

You do not need to do a lot of research to know this number. It is very easy. Just type *#06# on your dialling screen and it will automatically display your phone’s IMEI number.

Remember you do not need to dial it. You can also always take a screen shot of it.

There is another method of getting the IMEI number. Go to Settings > then tap more and then tap status.

It will show you information about your phone including battery status, battery level, network, signal strength, mobile network type, service state, phone number and IMEI number.

If you have lost your phone and do not know your device, the IMEI number is there any way to know it?

Yes, you can. If you were using Google account linked to your phone you can log in to Google Dashboard. Find the green robot logo then tap Android next to it.

Now a list of devices registered to the account will be displayed along with their IMEI numbers.

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