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Seeking admission to UG courses? Things you must know

Don't go by what people around you advice. You have the power of the internet. Visit official websites of the…

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What is the most difficult of the two – cracking the Class XII exams with flying colours or getting admission to a reputed college in your choice of undergraduate (UG) course?

Perhaps, both. And the paradox of the situation is that though they are the most unpredictable events which decide the course of your life, after a point there is nothing you can do to make sure the wind blows in your favour.

We really can’t do anything about your Class XII marks, but surely we can help you out with our tips on how to choose the right college for you while you do the research.

Here are the things you need to know while seeking admission to UG courses:

1. Know your university:

Pan-India universities generally fall under the following categories –

i) Union universities/Central Universities: They are directly controlled by the Union government. For example the University of Hyderabad and Unversity of Delhi.

ii) State Universities: they are under the control of respective state governments. For example: West Bengal State University (better known as Barasat University)

iii) Deemed university: They are the autonomous institutions. For example: Presidency University, Kolkata.

iv) Private and deemed universities: Approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC), they are privately owned and funded by one or more organization(s).

For example: Amity University Kolkata, established by the Amity Group.

v) Agricultural universities and technical forums: They mainly offer vocational training and technical knowledge. For example: Jawaharlal Nehru Agricultural University, Jabalpur.

2. How will you chose a college ?

i) Check on the details: Don’t go by what people around you advice. You have the power of internet.

Visit official websites of the universities you have shortlisted and check on the details, including infrastructure, management, examination procedure and if it can meet up to your expectation regarding the course of your choice.

ii) Location: It is a very important factor. Check how far is your university/college from your home so that you can make arrangements accordingly.

iii) Assess the quality of performance: Research a bit on the various reviews of the university/college available on newspapers or websites.

If you know an alumnus or a present student, well and good. If not, visit the campus and talk to the students.

iv) Evaluation: Check if student unions and their politics regularly disrupt the educational activities on campus. It is essential that examinations are held on a regular basis and in a peaceful environment.

v) Facilities for campus interviews and placements:

The entire rat race for high scores, reputed universities, good courses is to get a high-end job.

Check if your university have facilities for campus interviews and what is the percentage of campus placements in the last 3-5 years.

3. Additional checks for you:

i) Check if you, rather your marks, meet the criteria for admission.

ii) See if the college/university offers scholarships.

iii) If the seat reservation factor works for or against your status.

iv) Find out the in-campus amenities.

v) Check if the university is acknowledged internationally. This is all the more important for those who wishes to opt for higher studies abroad.

4. The reality check:

i) It’s better to go for a college/university where you can opt for scholarship/reservation.

ii) For a student with average marks, it will be beneficial if you pursue higher education in a college/university in the state you live.

iii) For a student with high percentage, chose your college based on ranking.

iv) Chose colleges/universities from states which are advanced in literacy rate.

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Sreya is based in Kolkata. She is a Senior Editor of Big Wire.

Sreya is based in Kolkata. She is a Senior Editor of Big Wire.

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