Never ever bring work stress home

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Work is worship and being workaholic is good, but excessive of anything is bad.

Each activity has its own limitations and beyond a limit, it leads to friction and a saturation point that renders one both physically and mentally drained.

Stress is like an acid test that corrodes the mind first and then damages the health. It also plays a spoilsport in the family and social relations.

It’s true that both brain and body need exercise to remain fit and alert. However, excessive stress and strain adversely affect the brain as well as the body.

When our mind starts minding the ill-effects of stress and strain, there is an upheaval in our daily life.

It transforms the social animal in us into unsocial elements full of irritations and thereby keeping family members, friends and relatives, fellow human beings, at bay.

Hence, we need to be well aware of the fact that the moment we bring work stress home, it costs our social relationship dear.

Releasing our work stress on better half (wife/life partner), kids and friend circle has its repercussions in our day to day life. It also takes a heavy toll on our psyche and physique.

Okay, in today’s materialistic society we work for money that is deemed to be sweeter than honey. But, despite the rat race for monetary gains and obsession for work, our social life must not be in peril.

Though all that matters is money in today’s mundane world, it can never purchase mental peace. It may induce many towards us, but they are false friends.

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It needs to be kept in mind, false friends are like our shadow that follows us till we are in the sunlight (good time).

The shadow leaves us the moment we are enveloped by dark (hard time). On the other hand, one’s family and close friends maintain the relationship even during our adversities.

Thus, we ought to be most careful not to let work stress supersede social life.

At least, it must not become home stress as it leads to friction in the family.

In a bid to strike a balance, a person should try not to bring his/ her work home and make their living room or bedroom a 24×7 official cubicle.


The writer is an alumnus of IIM-Ahmedabad.Views expressed are personal.

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