Why you should stop using Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for now

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Pic credit: Samsung newsroom

Are you using Samsung Galaxy Note 7? If yes, stop using it, at least for now, because it may not be safe.

The Note 7 was the latest addition to the array of Samsung smartphones. It was launched on August 19 and became an instant hit in the tech market, selling over one 1 million units.

The company has confirmed that an issue was identified with certain Note7 battery cells. “Because your safety is our utmost concern, we advise you to power down your Note7 and exchange it now,” the South Korean multi-national tech giant has stated on its website.

Samsung is expected to provide Galaxy Note 7 devices with the new battery after Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC’s approval which is pending.  The company has however offered the users a choice.

The users can exchange their Galaxy Note7 for a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge and get a refund of the  price difference between devices.” he said.

“We know this exchange is an inconvenience, so you will also receive a $25 gift card, in-store credit or bill credit from select carrier retail outlets when participating in the U.S. Note7 Exchange Program” the company said.

Note 7 and troubles

Within days of its launch, many customers have complained about the phone having exploded or caught fire while charging the battery. The complaints came from as far as Australia and US.

According to media reports, in Australia, a Note 7 exploded and caught fire while on charge in a hotel room.

The owner of the phone was asleep when the mishap took place. Though he did not suffer any injury as he woke up immediately, the hotel room was considerably damaged by the fire.

In another instance, another person left his Note 7 charging inside in his car in Florida. It caught fire and destroyed the car completely.

Fortunately, no instances of any person being injured by such mishaps have been reported yet.

Samsung acknowledged their complaints and immediately stopped the sales of Note 7 in 10 countries including the US. It has also announced a global recall of the units which have already been sold.

Banned during flight

Koh Dong-jin, president of the company’s mobile business operations, has assured the customers of Note 7 that they will get fresh units in exchange of the models already sold.

However, the wave of panic was quite high among the customers and other concerned authorities. This included various airline companies.

Starting with the US Federal Aviation Administration to the Australian Aviation giant QANTAS, many airlines and aviation regulatory bodies across the world have banned the use of Note 7 phones on their flight.

In India, Note 7 is yet to be released officially. But the director general of civil aviation (DGCA), regulatory authority of aviation in India, has issued a statement to all the airline companies operating from India regarding the inside flight use of Note 7.

In this instruction, DGCA has banned the use and charging of Note 7 phones in all the flights to avoid any potential mishap.

Samsung authorities in India have responded to this notice by stating that Note 7 will be available in India only after ensuring all the safety concerns.

They valued the safety of their customers and will take every step to maintain that.

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