10 useful tips to help you quit smoking


If you’re a smoker you’ve probably said at one time or another that you need to quit, but you’re not sure how to do it. That’s the dilemma of many smokers. The following ten tips will help you on your way to becoming smoke-free:

1. Talk to your doctor

There are many stop smoking aid products available to help you quit, from gums to electronic cigarettes and even prescription medications. The best option differs from person to person, so ask your doctor which product could be most helpful to you.

2. Take up walking

Exercise is an excellent alternative to smoking, particularly because it’s so relaxing. If you’re more the A type personality, go ahead and work out in the gym, but if you’re not, a calming walk with breathing exercises a few times daily should help relieve cravings as well as calm your mood.

3. Have healthy, low-cal snacks on hand

Your hands and mouth are accustomed to smoking; thus, you should give them something to do to make quitting easier. Since you likely don’t want to pack on the pounds, use low-calorie snacks that are good for you, like organic trail mix or carrot sticks.

4. Join a support group

Support is essential to success for most people and joining a group can provide that valuable resource. You’ll be with people going through the same thing as you, which can help when you need advice and strength.

5. Start meditating

No matter what your philosophy or religion in life, meditation can guide you to where you want to be. It’s a healthy way to re-train your brain away from the nasty habit of smoking and also helps you to put anything life throws at you into perspective.

6. Learn to manage the stress in your life

Some people handle stress better than others, but every smoker knows that lighting up usually follows a stressful event. That makes managing stress doubly important for you; use music, conversation or exercise to handle the pressure, so you can avoid reaching for a smoke.

7. Consider hypnosis

For some people, hypnosis can either be the catalyst for quitting or a good supporting mechanism. If you think this could work for you, schedule a session with a professional who can advise and guide you through the process. They may have apps and other helpful DIY aids available, too.

8. Tell everyone you know to help you

If anybody you hang around is still going to smoke, ask that they refrain from doing so around you. Also, warn people that you might be a little grumpy after quitting – they’ll understand and try to help you get through these times.

9. Begin a smoking/ quit smoking journal

Before you quit, start writing about why you smoke. Include what prompts you to light up, (such as enjoying a great cup of coffee or an ice-cold beer), and then work to avoid these triggers. Use the journal to complain, too, as it can help you fight through cravings.

10. Set your quit date now!

When you set a specific time, you can prepare yourself and your life for quitting. Stop purchasing some things, like lighters or ashtrays and as the date nears, consider calling the next pack you buy your last. All of these rituals will set you up for success.

Don’t put this off any longer and don’t become discouraged, if you need more than one try so be it. If you put your mind to it, you will quit, and for good!

bobby-venichioBobby Venichio is Head Author/ Editor, Stop Smoking Now Aids. Views expressed are personal. Read more at

He and his partners share assistance and knowledge about the people who have kicked the nasty smoking habit. His mission is to help as many people from this horrible habit and make them aware they’re not alone in this battle.


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