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October is the month when the beautiful Bong girls and the geeky yet handsome Bong boys adorn themselves with their most fashionable clothes and accessories.

The reason is that October is the month of Durga Puja – the biggest and the grandest of the Bengali festivals.

However, in some years the worship of the goddess also takes place in the month of September, but this year it will start from October 6.

Most of the Bengalis start their preparation for the festival at least a month earlier. They buy a lot of clothes, accessories while some others plan their annual short travel during this same period.

In keeping with their festive spirit here we have prepared a list of markets in Kolkata where the coolest and the trendiest apparels and accessories are available.

1. The New Market

The New Market is in the centre of Kolkata. You can reach the market easily from any location. It is well connected with the bus and Metro route.

The New Market is the destination of several big malls. Apart from those big malls there are numerous small shops and a lot of footpath vendors selling the latest items available in the apparel market.

You can also find a number of electronic goods shops. Here you will be able to find branded watches and mobile phones. There are also a number of big and small restaurants serving all kind of cuisines.

Thus, the New Market is a must visit destination if you are on a shopping trail in Kolkata.

2. The Fancy Market

It is situated in the Kidderpore area near the Kolkata Port. This place is also famous for its cloth stores as well as electronic stores.

However, if you want to buy any electric goods from here you have to be much cautious as this place is full of thugs. They may deceive you by selling cheap electronic goods that come in well-known branded packages.

3. The Burra-Bazar Area

This area is one of the oldest and legendary market places in Kolkata.

It came into existence in the early-colonial period. The Burra-Bazar was meant for the native Indian citizens of the then capital of British India. It was said that anything and everything under the sun is available for sale in the Burra-Bazar.

Now-a-days, this market mainly serves the wholesale businessmen dealing in clothes, spices, fruits, etc. However, there are still some retail shops where you, if lucky enough, can find a branded jeans or a linen kurta under Rs.1000.

4. Chandni Chowk

The Chandni Chowk in Kolkata is mainly famous for electronic goods shops. All the latest models of branded watches, wearable techs and mobile phones are available in the numerous shops of this area.

It is close to the New Market area and you can complete the tour of both these markets on the same day.

Apart from these there are a lot of other big shopping malls which have come up lately in the city. Important among them are the Brand Factory outlets at A.J.C. Bose Road, the Big Bazar outlets at Esplanade and the Sealdah areas.

Wish you a happy pre-Durga Puja shopping experience in Kolkata.

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