Facebook testing job posting features for page admins


The sign outside the main entrance to Facebook HQ. Pic credit: Facebook news room

Social media giant Facebook is running a test to let page admins to create jobs and receive applications from candidates. Once launched worldwide, the page admins will not have to depend on job posting sites to fill up vacancies.

Some page admins have already spotted a jobs tab on their pages. A Facebook spokesperson has also confirmed that the test is underway.

According to TechCrunch which reviews new internet products, the new features could compete with social media sites like LinkedIn, as well as those who build “Jobs” tab applications and help businesses to embed in their Facebook Pages.

Facebook, the most used social networking site in the world claims that it has 1.18 billion daily active users on average for September 2016.

LinkedIn is one of the oldest social networking sites which has about 467 million users by October. It continues to be a favorite with professionals.

However not every user visit LinkedIn daily. Most of them only visit when they update their profile about a new job, or they are are looking for a new one.

“Facebook could reach people not even thinking about a job, yet could be convinced to apply for the chance at a higher salary”. says TechCrunch.

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