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The Nikola Motor Company, a start-up based in Utah in US has unveiled its hydrogen-powered electric semi truck Nikola One with zero emission which can revolutionize the cab industry.

The Nikola One which is scheduled for commercial production in 2020was unveiled by the company at an event in Salt lake city on Friday has a fuel cell onboard that charges the batteries.

This fuel cell runs on zero-emissions hydrogen and will need to be refueled every 800-1,200 miles depending on terrain and load size.

You don’t need to charge the batteries because the vehicle has a fuel cell on board that automatically charges batteries for you.

The company will offer warranty for each battery pack for the life of the lease which is earliest of 7 years or 1,000,000 miles.
The Nikola One prototype it unveiled has a 320-kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery pack.

The battery pack in the production model might be slightly larger or smaller, depending on electric motor power needs as determined during testing.

The company will make available the Nikola One through a leasing program. Although the pricing information hasn’t been released yet, the 72-month lease will include unlimited hydrogen, a warranty, and free maintenance.

Sales and maintenance of Nikola One will be handled by Ryder System, which has over 800 locations in North America. To date, the company has already received nearly $3 billion in pre-orders.

Nikola also plans a 1,000 lb., 107 kWh battery pack for its electric UTV, the Nikola Zero.

“Our battery engineers have made major advances in storage and cooling,” Nikola Founder and CEO Trevor Milton sai before the launch event.

“We believe our lithium battery packs are more energy dense and weigh less than any available vehicle production pack per kWh. This new battery pack should give our UTV over 300 miles of range on a single charge,” added Milton.

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