10 fire safety tips you must know

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fire safety tips

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Scores of people die everyday in different fire related incidents across the world. In India 113,961 people were killed between 2010 and 2014 in different fire accidents, averaging to 54 deaths a day.

According to IndiaSpend, a website that focuses on data journalism accidental fires caused 6 percent of all unnatural deaths in India, third-highest after car accidents (53 percent) and drowning (9 percent).

The injuries and deaths from fire mishaps are on decline, but public awareness can be part of an overall approach to prevent such incidents further.

Here are ten fire safety tips every one should know.

1. Use water or fire extinguisher to extinguish fire

2. Remove victim from the site of fire as early as possible

3. Switch off the current source in case of electrical burns

4. Remove the contaminated clothe in case of chemical burn

5. Remove any constricting materials like bangles or rings as they will jeopardise blood supply later

6. Don’t allow the victim to run in panic because it increases the intensity of fire
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Pour water on burnt area till the burning sensation stops

8. Never apply cold water/ice/toothpaste/turmeric etc

9. Don’t roll the victim on ground to extinguish fire as it may affect non-burnt area

10. Shift the patient to nearby hospital

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Jayant Kumar Dash

Dr Jayant Kumar Dash is Associate Prof and Head of the Department of Burns, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Institute of Medical Sciences and SUM Hospital, Bhubaneswar , Odisha, India

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