12 steps to withdraw cash from ATM

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ATM , debit card , free transactions The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has found that as of January 2017, 818 million Indians use debit cards, one of the primary operations being withdrawing cash from ATMs (Automated Teller Machines).

Here are 12 steps to withdraw cash from ATM:

1. First of all, check for your safety. Make sure the Automated Teller Machine has a security guard posted outside. Choose an ATM in a well-lit and well-trafficked area.

If there is a queue outside the Automated Teller Machine, make sure when you use the machine, stand in a way as to guard the screen and key presses.

2. Try to use Automated Teller Machine of the same bank that issued the debit card to get more number of free transactions.

For examples, if you use a State Bank of India (SBI) debit card in its ATM, the number of free transactions per month is 5 versus 3 free transactions in non-SBI ATMs.

3. Insert your debit card in the card slot of the ATM facing the direction indicated by the image on the machine.

4. After swiping the card, the ATM will give you the option to select your language. Generally, there are two options -English and Hindi.

5. The ATM will then ask for your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access your bank account.

When you type the PIN, make sure to cover the keypad with your hand so that no one gets to see it, not even the CCTV cameras installed inside the ATM booth.

6. Now select the option for withdrawing money from your Savings Account. Enter the amount in multiples of 100. Keep your kind your withdrawal limit. Confirm the amount.

7. Confirm if you would like to have a receipt of the transaction or not.

8. Collect your cash from the cash dispenser slot.

9. Collect your receipt.

10. If you want to go for another transaction, select that option.

11. Once you are done with your transaction, press the red, cross-marked button, which is the cancel key before leaving the booth.

12. Make sure you carry the debit card and money with you.

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