Nationalism triumphs over communism in Tripura poll (interview)

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Nationalism triumphs over communism in Tripura poll (interview)
Recent electoral battle in Tripura demonstrated win of nationalism over communism that boosted the morale of BJP workers at grass root level against any ideological warfare in politically charged states such as West Bengal and Kerala in days ahead.

The historic win in Tripura has demonstrated that with a methodical approach a tough electoral battle can be won in a short span of two years.

“Election win in Tripura has been an endorsement of Narendra Modi-led government at the centre,” said Sunil Deodhar, the BJP party in charge of the eastern state, in an interview with Bigwire.

Deodhar is the main architect of BJP’s historic win in Tripura that overthrew the 25-year long rule of the communist government.

On bouts of vandalism that erupted just after the poll results, Deodhar said acts of vandalism took place during the interim period in the run-up to the formation of the new government led by new chief minister Biplab Deb.

“Acts of vandalism took place during the interim period when the caretaker government was head by Manik Sarkar,” Deodhar said.
10 things you want to know about Sunil Deodhar
Sunil Deodhar, a suave gentleman with immense political prowess, is known for his understanding of grassroots level issues. It was BJP president Amit Shah, who sent Sunil Deodhar to Tripura in 2014 to achieve what was then believed to be unachievable. And Sunil Deodhar just managed to do that!

He said no incident of political vandalism like the demolition of Vladimir Lenin’s statue at Belonia in South Tripura took place after the new government took the rein.

Sunil Deodhar with new chief minister Biplab Deb after Tripura victory

Sunil Deodhar with new chief minister Biplab Deb after Tripura victory

Deodhar said Chief Minister Deb instructed the Director General of Police immediately after assuming the office to take stern action against any act of vandalism irrespective of political affiliation.

On next electoral assignment, Deodhar said he would continue to operate from Tripura looking after the party’s affairs in the key northeastern state.

On media speculation that Deodhar might be given charge of the politically critical state of West Bengal or Kerala, he said, “I am a party soldier who will obey the party president Amit Shah-ji’s marching order.”

“Right now, I am firmly grounded at my base in Tripura,” Deodhar said.

On the likely political formation that could emerge in West Bengal, Deodar said ruling Trinamool Congress would forge an electoral alliance with Congress and develop a close understanding with CPM to thwart BJP’s Tripura like emergence.


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