How to choose an engineering college & branch

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How to choose an engineering college & branchIf you have completed your Class 12 and are an aspiring engineer, the question “how to choose an engineering college & branch” is relevant for you.

Students often get confused when it comes to choosing the right college and branch. At times, students dwindle between the thought of choosing either the college or branch. That matters for sure.

You need to be sure about what you want. If you are sure, you can easily choose the preferred college or the preferred branch. It also depends on how you prepare yourself during your IIT JEE classes.

You will eventually have an approximate of what you are going to choose. Your IIT JEE ranking will also fetch you your desired college or branch. In order to be sure of what to choose after cracking the entrance exams, you can ask the following questions.

How to choose the branch?

Many students make it a point to choose a particular branch of engineering. Well, it depends on a few factors whether you will get admission in the branch of a particular college or not.

You can check for the following points.

Branch reputation: If you have achieved an AIR that meets with the requirement of a particular college, you can easily get admission there. There won’t be any hassle.

The problem arises when your AIR doesn’t match with the set cut off of the college. You will need to check in other colleges.

If you want a particular college, also check the reputation of the branch. By reputation, I mean, the pass percentage every year and the placement offered.

● Career prospect: The branch that you have chosen should have better career prospects in future. You can’t just opt for a branch because your peers have chosen that.

You need to do a little research and homework before you make a choice. You should also look at it from a global perspective in case you are planning for a further study abroad. If the relevance is missing, no point choosing that particular branch.

● Fee Structure: This can be disregarded at times. There may be a huge difference between the budget and fee you have in mind and reality.

During your IIT JEE classes in coaching center, you had little clue about the fee structure. This matters to a lot of Indian families, especially from the rural area. Ensure that you have the required fee to pay. You may get scholarship if your AIR rank falls in the range.

● Faculty: You can have a close look at the qualification of the faculty members of your preferred branch in any college. Choose the one which has qualified and seasoned faculty members from top engineering colleges.

How to choose the engineering college?

At times, the college chooses you rather than you choosing the college. That again happens when you have an exceptional AIR rank.

The dream of getting into the top engineering college like IIT and NIT during your IIT JEE classes fulfills with hard work. The choice can baffle you if you have the score that every college looks for. On the other hand, it can be difficult if your score is not up to the mark.

Here’s what you can check before choosing the college:

Location: Ask your parents if they are ready to send you to a different location for higher studies, as that will make them take the monetary burden of spending for your accommodation and other expenditures.

If yes, you can choose the college that is more reputed compared to your home town. If not, you can choose the college close to your hometown.

College reputation: Engineering from a top college always gets you a better edge. Choosing the best college if you have an AIR below 100 can be the best decision.

Placement: The college should be known for its placement record. The idea to get into a college is ultimately for the placement factor.

No one wants to graduate without a job. This holds true for every student. If you are not targeting placement, you can choose your preferred branch in any college that has a good reputation of your preferred branch.

Highlight: Adding a highlight to your profile later can help you take a call. If you want to get admission in any other university on the basis of which you graduated from can make a huge difference. A college with a name worldwide will make the search narrower.

Of course, the decision to choose the best branch and college for opting for BE or B Tech can vary depending on the above points. The easiest gateway will be scoring an AIR rank that is eye-catching.

You should target your preferred college and branch during your IIT JEE classes. When you plan it accordingly and work hard, your “dream” college and branch won’t be far from your reach. You will be on seventh heaven on getting a spot in the best college with the best branch. So, what are you waiting for? Start your preparations now and get going.


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