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10 things you should never share on social media

A new dress, or a well-cooked dish, or picturesque holiday or a new achievement - we tend to share minute…

6 months ago

Tina Dabi gets married to batch-mate: 10 facts

Remember Tina Dabi, the girl who topped the Civil Services Examination (CSE), 2015? Well, she is a married woman now.…

6 months ago

Passive euthanasia in India: 12 points

The term "euthanasia" from Greek means "good death" and refers to the medical practice where life of a patient is…

7 months ago

Is Facebook losing younger users to Snapchat!

According to New York-based research firm eMarketer, Facebook is losing younger users at an even faster pace than previously expected…

8 months ago

Ten selected Happy New Year messages for your loved ones

Since mobile phones have become integral part of our daily communication, a large number of people use texting because it…

10 months ago

10 viral videos on demonetization you must watch

It has been one year since Prime Minister Narendra Modi's demonetization who banned Rs 1000 and old Rs 500 notes…

11 months ago

Everything about KISS-India’s first tribal university

Founded by Prof. Achyuta Samanta, the KISS began its journey in 1992-93 in a rented building in Bhubaneswar with only…

1 year ago

Everything about child adoption in India

The adoptive parents should be physically and mentally fit, as well as financially sound.An adoptive parent should be at least…

1 year ago

10 interesting facts about April Fools’ Day

The origin of April Fools' Day is unknown though some historians believe that the custom began in France.

2 years ago

World Happiness Report 2017: Norway happiest, India a sad country

Norway tops the World Happiness Report 2017 scoring 7.54 on the index. In 2016, the country was in the 4th…

2 years ago