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Spending more time outdoor may improve eyesight

Having more activities under the sun may give you better eyesight especially if you are a school going kid or…

2 years ago

Your dog remembers more than what you think

Dogs can recall past events as complex as human actions even if they do not expect the memory test, providing…

2 years ago

Disability does not stop him from dreaming big

The 45-year-old’s mind is sharp and he is into many things. Overcoming his disability, he has studied law and business…

2 years ago

Mother Teresa canonized: 10 facts about the saint

Mother Teresa, the Roman Catholic nun who devoted her entire life to serve the poor and homeless in India, was…

2 years ago

15 interesting facts about Janmashtami celebrations

  The Hindu community of India and abroad are all set to celebrate Janmashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna, on…

2 years ago

10 facts about Navroz & Parsis in India

Parsis are worshipers of fire. Especially on Navroz, they keep a burning fire surrounded by water and wheat.

2 years ago

How departments are using social media for worse

An account claimed to be that of the finance department of the state has a government logo as its profile…

2 years ago

10 shocking facts about human trafficking in India

As per the 2013 estimates of the U.S. State Department, India has almost 65 million citizens who are into forced…

2 years ago

The Scheduled Tribes in Odisha-A Demographic Analysis

The book has tried to reveal the status of different Scheduled Tribes in Odisha with comparison with state averages.

2 years ago

10 shocking facts about India

In a country with a population strength of 233.6 million, India has the most adolescent school dropouts (47 million) in…

3 years ago