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Towards blooming 74 lotuses ?

74 represents the magic half-way mark to form the government in Odisha state assembly which has 147 assembly constituencies.

1 year ago

Why insider-outsider debate is irrelevant in Punjab politics

Elections ought to be fought on real issues including Punjab’s drug addiction problems.The cry about outsider is against the dictates…

2 years ago

10 facts to know about AAP leader Kumar Vishwas

Kumar Vishwas is a regular at prominent poetry recitations in India and abroad including the USA, Dubai, Singapore, and Japan.

2 years ago

Why Uttar Pradesh may not be a cakewalk for BJP

The intense tussle between Netaji and Betaji in Samajwadi Party initially threatened to mar the SP’s electoral prospects, but it…

2 years ago

Modi, BJP and the army of trolls

In just around 150 pages, Chaturvedi gives a vivid account of who are the persons behind the handles, who give…

2 years ago

Demonetization: Modi, Manmohan and monumental failure

This speech is considered as the best attack by the Congress so far on the government’s move that has lined…

2 years ago

2017 UP polls: 10 things you must know

The elections for the third largest state by economy is very important for all the political parties as the results…

2 years ago

Bureaucracy will pull the BJP down!

The true solution lies in making the lower bureaucracy accountable so that the dishonest are weeded out in ordinary course…

2 years ago

Mahanadi needs peace, not conflict

Studies as early as 2010 pointed out that out of the 118 proposed projects being pursued by Chhattishgarh, for which…

2 years ago

Can the Congress revive in Uttar Pradesh?

Going by the public reception the revamped team received on their arrival at Lucknow airport, it seemed party cadres are…

2 years ago