Healthy heart holds key to better brain!

It suggests that achieving good cardiovascular health parameters is beneficial to brain function, however, future studies are needed to generalize the result.


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If you have a healthy heart, you are likely to have a better brain as well, suggests a new study that shows a link between cardiovascular health and brain function.

The study conducted by the scientists from the University of Miami and Columbia University and published in the American Heart Association’s journal tested 1,033 people of average 72 years old, including 16 percent white and 19 percent black.

The participants were examined on seven parameters – blood pressure, blood sugar, diet, weight, tobacco intake, memory power and physical activity.

Only one percent could emerge successful in six parameters. Five parameters were met by  four percent, four by 14 percent, two by 33 percent and one parameter was met by 15 percent. None could meet all seven parameters.
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In a bid to study to gauge their thinking power, memory functions, and brain processing speeds, a series of tests were conducted on the participants. Six years later the same tests were once again carried out on them to see the changes in the parameters set by the study team.

According to the research team, those who had met more parameters performed better in terms of brain processing speeds at the beginning of the study. The participants following the healthy heart guidelines showed desired results in memory function and brain-processing speed.

“Participants having more ideal cardiovascular health factors had better brain processing speed,” lead author Hannah Gardener said.

Although the findings suggested that achieving good cardiovascular health parameters is beneficial to brain function, future studies in race and ethnically diverse populations are needed to generalize the result, the Psychcentral quoted him as saying.

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