10 ways to handle favouritism at workplace


There’s nothing wrong in speaking about your hard work to your boss if he has overlooked it.

executiveWell, let’s face it, efficiency has nothing to do with favouritism. No matter how dedicated you are at your work, there is that one “pet” of your boss who always walks away with all the cheese (read, perks).

But then, you surely can’t let anyone to take away all the credit of your achievements; after all, you too want good things to happen to your career.

Here are 10 tips on how you can deal with favouritism at your office:

1. Analyse the situation

What you are terming as favouritism, might just be your perception that is giving you tensions to keep you awake the whole night. Chat up a colleague you can confide in, and cross-check. It might also be professional jealousy on your part.

2. Don’t gossip, face it

Instead of gossiping about the “pet” colleague, avoid the Chinese Whisper and if you feel something unjust is being done to you, speak to the HR or your boss straightaway.

3. Blow your own trumpet

There’s nothing wrong in speaking about your hard work to your boss if he has overlooked it. As long as you are being honest and not exaggerating, there is no harm in letting your boss know about your inputs in a particular project.

4. Have patience

Your boss too has his super boss to answer to. So, he will soon have to let go his favouritism towards a particular employee if he turns undeserving and unproductive.

5. Maintain a positive attitude

Let no negative energy hamper your reputation, dedication and rational thinking. As they say, time will make everything fall in place.

6. Remain cordial with the favoured colleague

Maintain your professional ethics. Don’t talk rough with that favoured colleague and start a blame-game.

7. Collect evidence

Yeah, you read it right. Start keeping the record of instances where you boss mistreated you and showered unwanted favouritism on his “pet” employee. For example, more engaging projects or better perks. However, you have to maintain an objective and honest outlook while gathering “evidence”

8. Select a mentor

He can be a senior colleague who will not only guide you with right career advice but also, from a third party point-of-view, will be able to witness and analyse if what is going on can actually be called favouritism or not.

9. Are Things getting on nerves? Talk to the HR

After all, it’s his job to attend to employees’ grievances. Unless you have a peaceful working environment, you cannot be productive enough for the company.

10. Move on

In case, all the above tips fail and you are still too messed up inside your head, it might be a better idea to move on. Search for a new job that will “favour” you only for your hard work, efficiency and dedication.

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