10 beauty care tips for summer

Summer is that season of the year when your skin needs extra care and protection.

drinking-waterSummer is that season of the year when your skin needs extra care and protection.

Reason 1 is definitely the over-exposure to the sun’s intensified UV (ultraviolet) rays, a kind of electromagnetic radiation that can cause skin cancer and blindness.

Reason 2, as you increase your swimming sessions to beat the heat, the pool chlorine may cause diseases like allergies, asthma, bladder and rectal cancer and coronary heart disease.

Besides, summer being a time for camping, hiking and lawn napping, we tend to increase use of various insect repellents which may either prove semi-toxic for you or have harmful side-effects.

Here are 10 skin care tips that all must follow while the mercury keeps soaring:

1. Never step out without applying sunscreen lotion, not only on the face but on all exposed parts of your body, including neck and arms.

There are a number of herbal sunscreens made of rose extract, almond paste, sandal and Aloe Vera gel are available in the market. You can try out one of them to avoid use of chemicals.wellness

2. Protect your lips as well. For women who can’t step out without applying lipstick, go for a lip colour brand that contains Sunburn Protection Factor (SPF).

Also, make using lip balms mandatory as it will help keep your lips hydrated.

3. Stay hydrated with water and water-rich food. Drink as much water as you can this summer. However, cut on the water intake after sunset when the body and its organs start reducing their activities.

Meanwhile, supplement your regular diet with plenty of leafy greens and fruits like berries and watermelons.

4. Scrub your face regularly with a natural face wash to wash away dead cells and clean skin pores. Apply skin gels or creams to moisturize your face after scrubbing.

5. Splash your face with water as many times possible to provide hydration not just to the face but to your eyes as well.

6. Sweat it out before sunrise (to avoid heart stroke) and then take a shower.

Exercising will naturally free your body of toxins, at the same time, regulate your body temperature, increase circulation and loosen dirt on your skin pores.

Your skin will glow naturally after your gym session and post-workout shower.

7. The Center for Disease Control, US’s leading national public health institute says the sun’s rays become most harmful between 10 am and 4 pm.

So, if you have to step out during this time, cover yourself as much as possible.

Wear long-sleeved cotton shirts or kurtas and don’t forget your umbrella and sunglasses.

Cover your head with a cap or a dupatta to protect your hair.

8. Don’t forget to apply a good amount of moisturizer all over your body, including your face, hands and feet before putting on the air-conditioner and going to sleep at night.

Thus, the AC won’t dry out your skin, while you enjoy a “cool” night’s sleep.

9. Wet your hair before going for swimming. That way the cuticles will remain saturated with water and no chemicals will be able to enter or damage your traces.pool

10. Trim your hair-ends regularly to manage splitting. Hair ends split the most in summer due to the overdose of dryness. Apply oils like coconut or amla hair oils on the ends to prevent further splitting.

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