10 places where selfies are banned

A selfie is one’s self-clicked photograph (alone or in a group) taken with a camera phone held in hand or by a selfie stick.

selfieLook around when in a public place. You will find at least one person clicking a selfie making weird faces at his/her phone-camera.

A selfie is one’s self-clicked photograph (alone or in a group) taken with a camera phone held in hand or by a selfie stick.

Like it or hate it, but you can’t ignore the selfie-craze that is sweeping across the world at present.

But no matter how big a selfie fan you are, here are 10 places where you are not allowed to take a selfie:

1. Seafronts in Mumbai

After three girls were drowned to death in the Arabian Sea while taking selfies earlier this year, the Mumbai Police put a ban on clicking selfies on the city’s beaches, including the most popular Marine Drive, Chowpatty and Bandra Bandstand.

2. Disneyland in California

From July 1, 2015, Dineyland banned use of selfie sticks in all their parks after they found visitors clicking selfies while on rides, which could turn fatal for them.

3. Colosseum in Italy

The Colosseum or Coliseum is an oval amphitheatre built in AD 80 in Rome city of Italy. Authorities have banned taking selfies at the ancient structure saying they block visitor movements and also pose threat to fragile artifacts on display.

4. Mecca in Saudi Arabia

Islam’s holiest city Mecca in Saudi Arabia has banned selfies saying it distracts pilgrims from concentrating on rituals and prayering to Allah.

5. Pamplona in Spain

Pamplona, the capital city of Navarre in Spain, has banned taking selfies by runners during its annual Running of the Bulls festival.

Yes, there are people who won’t mind taking selfies while running through the narrow streets while angry bulls chased them!

6. Iran

In Iran, there is a strange rule that you can’t click selfies with your favourite soccer player if you are a woman. Iranian Football Federation’s moral committee issued this conservative order putting a ban on fan selfies.

7. New York

New York authorities have put a ban on taking selfies with a tiger or a lion for the safety of the big cats as well as the humans who used to go too close to the animals for the perfect shot.

8. Lake Tahoe in California

No selfies with bears are allowed at the parks of Lake Tahoe in California.

The Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit took the decision for safety of visitors after increasing number of tourists were found clicking selfies with the wild animals in close proximity.

9. London

When in London, don’t take a selfie in a polling booth. You might be jailed.

10. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

One of Amsterdam’s most popular tourist spots, the Van Gogh art museum prohibited selfies after authorities found that the photographing is disturbing art enthusiasts from viewing the paintings freely.


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