10 quick tips for success in job-interview

job interview

Focus on what’s the job position you’ve applied for, prepare some typical role/ responsibilities scenarios to ease up the conversation during the interview.

job interviewDo you feel caught in a wrong job? Well… you maybe and maybe not. Getting an interview at a different company may be a good option to try!

So now you have an interview and you’re not sure whether you’ll ace it or not but you want to ace it…here are some quick solid tips:

1. Calm Down:

A little bit of anxiety is good as it help you keep focused, and a lot of anxiety is a lot-lot more unproductive.

So focus on what’s the job position you’ve applied for, prepare some typical role/ responsibilities scenarios to ease up the conversation during the interview.

2. Reach Early, Reach Prepared:

Even a 10 min as a cushion is very helpful, so plan to reach early, and make a checklist of items that you may miss or can go wrong and plan to deal with them, e.g missed documents, late cab, right time but wrong place etc. etc.
3. Start warmly:

Interview starts with two strangers talking about professional attitude, goals, and desires… and talking between two or more has an element of stress, so most likely to break the ice you’ll find the first Q: “Tell me about yourself!”.

You might be thinking, “ well you have my resume… I have worked hard zip-up and put my entire life in two-page and you again want me to unzip it… ok. if you want so then be it so…” and you start out detailing from you name, birthplace, education, work history, hobby… and how charmed you’re about your pet”.

Most probably you get interjected and you don’t like it!

4. Tell me @ yourself:

It’s an icebreaker, the good thing is you were handed the chance to steer the conversation but due to lack of objectivity… the conversation goes haywire…. so instead… you should say something thing like this:

a. First of all, Thank you for this opportunity to be interviewed for the job position…ABC

b. I’m really interested in this position as I have the required background and work experience in this field.

c. In my last company, I was doing XYZ, and I had excellent learnings while doing it and I’m confident that of a good performance in this position if offered.

d. My educational background in PQR (personal qualification record) and my passion for learning more about LMN has really helped me so far and I wish to achieve more.

5. Growth mindset

Now the previous 4 step response in a GrowthMindset answer that has right elements of persuasion 1) Thanks 2) your interest in the job! 3) how you’re well suited? 4) How you envision your growth potential?

6. You should focus on your body language:

Don’t fidget your body…it signals nervousness, uncross your legs and arms and be cheerful with smiling eyes… coz smiley eyes mesmerise!

7. Don’t rush into salary negotiations:

When asked about salary expectations… don’t just blurt your current salary, just say I expect a decent hike from my previous salary.

Then they will ask you your salary… then you just quote them the market norm…and your expectations of the upper quartile.

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If they push more, let them know that you have a number in your mind but you’d rather wait for the offer letter to discuss it further.

Remember do not give in to pressure, prepare your answer in advance to respond calmly.

8. Less is more:

Evaluations during the interview is a tricky thing, you may want to give your best in hope that, god knows what the other person may like and select you…. so you focus on maximising the sum of information.

However as brain science suggests, most evaluations are done on average so say/do only those things that enhance your average perception hence less is more, so speak less, speak to the point and read between the ween the lines to respond appropriately.

9. End Nicely:

Most likely you’ll be asked “ Do you have any question?” don’t just say “no”, an interested person should have a question ( other than salary) so ask 1 or 2 relevant questions that might bother you or others and see how do they respond.

Thank them for the nice conversation and wish them a good time.

10. End with a smile:

while you’re leaving the room, turn back and thank again and let the end on your smile face than otherwise and wish them a good time again… the last impression lingers for looong looong time.

Wish you good time… Race ahead by aceing your interviews!


Shekhar Chandra is the founding partner at YouLEAD consulting. He has over a decade of entrepreneurial experience and leadership excellence. He is also a member of Big Wire team. He is an alumnus of IIT-Delhi. Reach him at @helloYouLEAD)

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