Five winter destinations you must visit

In Kullu-Manali you can enjoy the live snowfall of the Himalayas,, the snow clad pine forests, and indulge in many more adventures such as paragliding and trekking with your loved one in these destinations.

Well, it’s already mid-November and the temperature is going down in several places throughout the country.

This is also the time of the year when many among us plan a short trip and enjoy the last days of the long Indian festive season which starts from the Dusshera and ends with the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Keeping this in mind we have prepared a list of places which you would like to visit during the winter.

1. Kullu-Manali

If you are a newly-married couple and planning a honeymoon in the coming months, then you should certainly consider Kullu and Manali in the winter.

manaliYou can enjoy the live snowfall of the Himalayas, the snow clad pine forests, and indulge in many more adventures such as paragliding and trekking with your loved one in these destinations.

For the religious minded ones, there are some temples too. The more famous among them are the Jwaladevi Temple, Nainadevi Temple and Baijnath Temple.

There are numerous hotels and resorts in these places, ranging from the star hotels to the more pocket-friendly one.

2. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands

If you want to visit a place far away from the cacophony of the metro cities, Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the perfect place for you.

You can plan a honeymoon, a family trip or even a solo travel to these islands surrounded by the blue water of the Bay of Bengal.

andamanThe picturesque beaches, the underwater adventure activities and the tropical forests spread across different islands made it popular among a wide range of tourists – both, Indian and international.

There are several flights connecting Port Blair with Kolkata, Chennai and many other cities of mainland India.

You can also opt for a ship ride from either Kolkata, or Chennai or Visakhapatnam. Here too, you will find several places to stay according to your taste and budget.

3. Goa

Whenever we talk about travelling in India, we are bound to talk about the small state of Goa.

goaIt offers beautiful beaches, magnificent colonial buildings, grand churches, the most colorful and vibrant night life possible in India, and the best Christmas and New Year experience.

Goa also offers the tourists a distinct cuisine of its own rich in fish, spices and herbs. However, you should book your hotels and accommodations in advance to avoid the rush because winter is the peak tourist season here.

Also it is a little costly to visit Goa during winter. But we are sure that the costs worth the experience you are going to have.

4. Auli

Do you want to indulge in winter sports such as skiing in India without going to any European country? If yes, then you must visit Auli in Uttarakhand – the most favorite ski destination of India.

auli-hillsEven if you are a novice in the art of skiing it won’t be an obstacle for you to enjoy here. There are several provisions available in Auli to teach someone how to ski.

Besides the adventure sport, Auli also offers a splendid view of the snow covered Himalayas and a dense forest of Deodar and Apple.

5. Kashmir

A list of best travel destinations in India can’t end without the name of the ‘paradise on earth’ – Kashmir.

There is continuous political tension in the valley, but it has not affected the beauty of Kashmir a wee bit. You may however limit your visit to Srinagar itself, or at best extend it to the Gulmarg-Sonmarg circuit if your time and budget permits.

kashmirKashmir offers almost everything for everyone. Good foods to devour, best of the Himalayan views, thrilling adventure sports, spirituality at the age old dargahs and temples – it is a complete package for every traveller.

Srinagar has numerous hotels, lodges, and resorts. Choose one according to your budget and taste in advance.

You can also consult the state tourism website before booking an accommodation. Srinagar is well connected with various other Indian cities through flight and bus services.


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