Things you can do to become an outstanding employee

Striking a balance with your performance at the given task and maintaining a good rapport with the boss is paramount for climbing up the ladder of career success. Here are 21 things the best employee do – and don’t do.

1. An employee must know the pivotal values of the organisation , carve out a niche and try to become the best in the area of his work. He must be positive and productive.

2. Keeping abreast of the needs of the firm you serve for.

3. Taking into consideration the pros and cons of the organisation.

4. Feeling the right pulse and gauging the mood of the immediate authority.

5. Nurturing the ability of diagnosing the problem at the right moment.

6. Being introspective to self-realise if your personality and performance is odd-man-out and incapable to meet the expectations.

7. Trying your level best not to lose the trust and confidence of the boss or immediate authority.

8. Being bold enough for owning responsibility if at fault, apologising spontaneously.

9. Being capable of bouncing back onto the right track.

10. Being sincere, honest and hardworking.

11. Not mincing words or beating about the bush.

12. Being social and cooperative and also not hesitant to seek help when required.

13. Being interactive and cautious about communication gap.

14. Making yourself able enough to look at the things from the boss’ perspective.

15. Being less introvert and building up the chemistry so that it does not mismatch with the mentality of your boss.

16. Seeking advice, guidance from time to time and following it in true letter and spirit.

17. Not being blind follower or sycophant simply to please and curry favour with your boss.

18. If at all the boss is rough and tough despite your all possible positives, bear with as it instills the virtue of resilience.

19. In the worst case, be wise enough to opt for a humble exit from the firm.

20. Remember: The best certificate and reward is when your absence is felt the most and regretted.

21. An employee is remembered for his costly contribution that is missed and recalled after his departure.


The writer is an alumnus of IIM-Ahmedabad. Views expressed are personal.

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