Tips to get rid of winter acne

The hot water we splash on our faces is equally responsible for robbing you face off moisture making it vulnerable to winter acne.

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Just because it’s cold season, doesn’t mean you are safe from winter acne (inflamed red pimples on skin, especially on the face).

In fact, chances of getting acne is more in winter as the skin gets easily dehydrated.

While we blame the chill outside, the hot water we splash on our faces is equally responsible for robbing you face off moisture making it vulnerable to winter acne.

Here are 10 tips to get rid of acne this winter:

1. Change pillow covers regularly:

Your dry hair and skin tend to secrete oil while your sleep.

The oil mixed with dirt and bacteria from pillowcases is enough to make you get acne in the morning. Change your pillow covers at least every two days to help your face stay clean.

2. Tone down your scrubbing regime:

Scrubbing your face twice or thrice every ten days will keep your skin clean and safe from winter acne by clearing dead cells and blocked pores. But excessive scrubbing during winters will worsen the condition.

3. Use moisturizer:

The skin gets dry easily during winters. So, you should never be without moisturizer. Also, it is better to use a moisturizing gel than cream as the latter blocks skin pores.

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4. Drink enough water:

Don’t let yourself go dehydrated. In winter we tend to feel less thirsty and hence our water consumption level drops considerably. Not only it is bad for our system, including our kidneys, it also makes the skin prone to acne.

5. Clean your face regularly:

There is a lot of dirt and dust in the winter air. So you have to clean your face regularly.

Use mildly warm instead of hot water to clean your face in winters. Hot waters strip your face off the essential oils making it dry. You may try deep moisturizing cleansers to keep your facial skin nourished.

6. Don’t get your skin go hungry:

Provide enough nourishment to your skin in winter in form of face packs. You may select your face mask from ripe papayas, bananas, oranges, strawberries, tomatoes, eggs, yogurt, carrots and honey.

7. Workout:

When you exercise, not only you feel warm, your entire body’s blood circulation is taken care of, including your skin that glows after all the toxins are released in form of sweat.

8. Use coconut/flaxseed oil:

Apply coconut oil or flaxseed oil all over your skin as it keeps you away from scaling, skin sensitivity and roughness, thereby providing a protection against acne.

9. Sunscreen is a must:

No matter how soothing the winter sun feels, don’t forget your sunscreen lotion.

It will protect you not just from the harmful UV rays but also shield you from dust, dirt and bacteria that might clog your skin pores giving way to acne.

10. Inhale fresh morning air:

Yes, it’s chilly but you need to breath in the oxygen-rich fresh morning air to rejuvenate yourself as well as your skin.

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