10 home recipes to whiten your teeth

The calcium in milk will keep the enamel strong while water is a natural cleanser that washes away the plaque.

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So, you want whiten your teeth but don’t want to face extensive bills from your dentist, right?

While you might be fascinated by the shiny teeth of celebs and the dental products and cosmetic treatments they use, here are 10 home remedies that will surprisingly brighten and whiten your teeth:

1. Baking soda:

It is a natural teeth whitener that is found in most toothpaste.

Mix quarter teaspoon of baking soda with water, make a paste out of it and apply on your teeth with a toothbrush. It’s that simple!

2. Eat strawberries:

These fruits contain malic acid that is a natural cleanser. So, eating strawberries will gradually remove the yellowness of your teeth and make them sparkle again.

3. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water:

Mix a spoon of salt in a cup of lukewarm water and rinse your mouth with it before going to bed every night.

Salt water, a natural antibiotic, will not only whiten your teeth but will also keep your gums strong.

4. Avoid colour foods:

Eat more white food to avoid colour stains on your teeth.

Food items like chicken, rice and fish don’t make your teeth pigmented unlike foods like beetroots, blueberries, carrots and Chinese/Indian delicacies that use lots of turmeric and artificial food colourings.

5. Munch on apples:

Like strawberries, apples are also rich in malic acid and hence keep the teeth shining.

6. Drink milk and water:

The calcium in milk will keep the enamel strong while water is a natural cleanser that washes away the plaque.

7. Rinse mouth with coconut oil:

Before brushing your teeth in the morning, take a little than a spoonful of coconut oil. Rub it all over your teeth for about 10 minutes.

Spit it out. Rinse with water and then brush as usual. The lauric acid in coconut oil removes the bacteria in the plaque which is one of the reasons of yellowing of your teeth.

8. Banana, lemon or orange peel:

At least twice a week, rub your teeth with the inside of a banana, a lemon or an orange peel. The magnesium, manganese and potassium in the peel will maintain your enamel health.

9. Try an apple cider vinegar rub:

At least once a week, rub your teeth thoroughly with apple cider vinegar and rinse with water. You will get that sparkling smile back soon.

10. Try lemon juice:

Mix a little salt with some lemon juice. Apply it all over your teeth and gums.

Leave it for a few minutes and rinse your mouth. Do this twice daily and in two weeks, it is supposed to start removing the tarter and yellow stain off your teeth.

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