Google, Ivyrevel App designs dress using your personal data

The ‘coded couture’, as the search giant calls it, will track your personal info to create the data dress for you.

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Tech giant Google has joined hands with Ivyrevel, one of the world’s leading fashion brand backed by H&M group, to develop an App that will create a digital dress for you on the basis of your personal data stored on your smartphone phone.

According to, a website covering the latest happenings in the search major, the app will collect all the information you provide when you set your first profile and create a dress with your personal story.

The Mirror reported that the app, to be android based, is still under development.

The ‘coded couture’, as the search giant calls it, will detect weather condition, travel route, where you go to dine, how much you exercise, what Bluetooth accessories you use and when to create the data dress for you.

You will be able order for the custom dress through the app itself. The app uses Google’s Awareness API, an artificial intelligence product introduced at last year’s Google I/O developer conference in California.

Based on the data, the app determines your lifestyle and suggests colour, choice of material and other things you would like to see in the garment.

You will have a choice to tweak and choose the style of dress you need and for what occasion – formal event, office or you want to wear it at parties.

According to The Independent, the app will gather the information over a week and use the data to create a data dress for you starting at $99.

If you want to have a feel of it before its public release later this year, you may sign up for a trial offered by Ivyrevel.

The Google Inc, now a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc founded by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, is already known for its contribution to smart technologies advances, be it in the area of space travel or health care.

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