10 common mistakes students must avoid during exam

Spring is the season of examinations in India.Here are 10 common mistakes that students often make during exams.

common, mistakes, students, examIf you are a studying in India, then spring is the season of examinations for you and here are 10 common mistakes that most students make during exams:

1. Skip a tough question:

It is very common for a student to skip a tough question, finish off with the ones he knows well and then comes back to it and pen the answer after much thinking.

But it can be dangerous as there is a high probability that under pressed time, you might forget to answer the question later. Remember, no answer is as good as a wrong answer.

2. Twice answering a question:

Another common mistake that students make during an exam is ticking two answers to one multiple-choice question.

3. Not reading the question properly:

Since students have to attend a lengthy paper in limited time, on most occasions, they just read the starting of a question and if find it similar to the ones they have prepared for, start scribbling the answer.

This might cost you dearly. Read the full question properly and understand what is asked. Else you will just end up wasting multiple answer sheets, time and marks.

4. Compare how many sheets your friends have taken:

Just concentrate in your paper. Don’t look around to see how many blank answer sheets your friends are taking and if they are less than yours.

Long answers need not be the best answers. It simply stresses you out. Have faith in your revision.

5. Start with the toughest question:

It is not a good idea to start with the question that you find the most difficult in the whole question paper. You might think that this will help you attempt it with ample time in hand.

But it might end up making you more puzzled than before. Attempt the ones you are confident of first, and then look for the tough ones.

6. Going on and on:

You find a question you have prepared well, and you go pages after pages writing on it. Your watch is your best friend in the exam hall. Divide your time so that every question get enough time to get answered.

7. Not knowing when to give up:

You come across a question, which, despite your revision, is difficult for you to answer. Don’t sit on it wasting your time. Better, attend the ones which you know well and will fetch you good marks.
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In the end, just put together whatever little you know about the tough question and move on.

8. Leave the exam hall early:

It feels great when you finish your answer sheets well before time. But don’t leave the hall till the final bell rings. Take the opportunity to re-check and revise the entire answer sheet again and again.

9. Spelling and grammar:

Make sure you avoid silly mistakes of spelling and grammar.

10. Be late for the exam:

Arrive at least 30 minutes before the exam starts. When you arrive late, your mind is already stressed out and under pressure.

It will take you time to calm down and attend the paper. Thus you will be wasting time as well as the stress in mind will show in your answers as well.

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